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6 Reasons You Should Become a Wholesale Customer

1. Get Instant Access To 

  • Wholesale pricing
  • Special promotions 
  • Exclusive offers 
  • 10% off your first order 
  • Financing options 
  • Free logo creation
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2. Generate More Revenue

There are multiple ways The Green Garmento can increase your bottom line:
Sell The Green Garmento to your customers at a retail price and generate an instant profit.
Or, offer The Green Garmento to your customers in exchange for a deposit; you still own the bags while your clients cover the costs; a great way to improve cash flow.
By lowering your single-use plastic bag costs, you will lower your cost of doing business.
According to statistics provided by The Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI), the ‘average' dry cleaning establishment has some 800 customers, cleans some 100,000 garments a year and does $280,000 per year in sales.   To supply each of these garments with single-use bags, the cleaner spends approximately $6,000 a year.
The below chart shows how dry cleaners who replace single-use plastic bags with The Green Garmento by selling or taking a deposit will profit.
As each store will need two bags for each client, it will cost the average operator $8,000 to change over to The Green Garmento $5.00 per bag x 1600 (800 customers x 2 bags).
Every year thereafter, the store will have to buy approximately 480 Green Garmento's (this number calculated on a need for 15% replacement and 15% for new customers: according to the U.S. Economic Census, 46% of Americans have used the same dry cleaner for more than 5 years).
Year 2009 2010 2011 2012 4yr total
Single Use Bags $6,000 $6,300 $6,615 $6,950 $25,865
Green Garmento $8,000 $2,400 $2,520 $2,646 $15,566
In other words...
Your customer can pay for The Green Garmento, either as a sale or deposit, you save money on poly bags, counter, VIP and route bags and your store will be recognized and sought out as an eco-friendly cleaner.

3. Customer Satisfaction 

Our consumer survey showed overwhelming results against plastic dry cleaning bags. Here's what dry cleaning customers are saying about plastic garment bags:
  • Hard to remove from clothing.
  • Fill up garbage cans.
  • Not sure how to recycle.
  • Difficult to carry large quantity of garments in plastic as they slip and often fall to the ground.
  • While removing plastic bags, hangers get damaged, making them difficult to reuse.
  • Bad for the environment.
  • Dangerous for children and pets.
By switching to The Green Garmento, you will address all of these concerns and improve customer satisfaction!

4. Improve Bottom Line

There are five easy ways to improve your bottom line with The Green Garmento!
  • 1. Sell The Green Garmento to all of your customers to create revenue.
  • 2. Take a deposit on each Green Garmento to create positive cash flow.
  • 3. Stop spending money on poly, counter, VIP and route bags to save money & waste.
  • 4. Advertise with your logo on each bag* to attract new customers & create customer loyalty.
  • 5. Get free advertising when we add your link to The Green Garmento website which will attract new customers and increase customer loyalty.
*Fees apply for custom logo placement.

5. Get Free Advertising

Become an authorized Green Garmento Dealer!
Once you offer The Green Garmento to your customers, you automatically become an Authorized Green Garmento Dealer.
We will now include your logo, address and URL in our online directory.
Not only will your existing customers know you offer The Green Garmento, but anyone in your community searching for eco-friendly dry cleaners who feature The Green Garmento or reusable garment bags will easily find you on our website directory.

6. Become Eco-Friendly!

We realize the dry cleaning industry is under pressure to become more eco-friendly. Like you, we know that most dry cleaning professionals are ready to do their part, but must do it within their economic realities.

While switching from PERC to earth-friendly solvents is exorbitantly expensive, switching from single-use to reusable garment bags is not. Switching to The Green Garmento helps dry cleaners take a critical step in becoming environmentally friendly (an estimated 300 million pounds of single-use plastic bags from dry cleaners fill our nations landfills every year*) while increasing your profits.

You can improve your bottom line while joining 15 countries around the world that have either banned or taxed single-use plastic bags, including parts of the United States.

By implementing The Green Garmento, the community will see you as an eco-friendly dry cleaner.

*Based on statistics from the environmental impact calculator.

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