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About Us

A Little Bit About Our Journey

We introduced our 4-in-1 reusable bags to the dry cleaning industry in October, 2008. Our goal was to have the dry cleaning professionals embrace and implement our product with ease, while educating consumers about an alternative to single-use plastic.

We are happy to report that you can find The Green Garmento in almost 1,000 dry cleaning chains and stand-alone stores across the United States as well as dry cleaners and hotels in seventeen countries.

The Green Garmento was honored with the 2009 Design Defined award from The International Home & Housewares Association and was an Editor's Choice Award nominee from The International Hotel & Motel & Restaurant Association. Among others, these awards have helped our reusable bags quickly become a staple within the hospitality industry, including The Hyatt, Four Seasons, Fairmont, Intercontinental, Cavallo Point and more. A hot new customizable corporate gift, Team Green Garmento has created custom bags for Google, Mercedes, HTC, David's Bridal and many more. We were also featured on ABC's Shark Tank in 2013.

Currently our products are produced in China by facilities that undergo social accountability audits. The audits look at both labor and health and safety areas and are available for review by our staff. We work to stay informed about these practices and to ensure fair treatment of workers. In addition, we are actively looking for US production resources and would welcome suggestions.

Team Green Garmento is always here to answer questions and we would also love your comments and feedback on our products.

Hopefully together we can all..."Be fantastic and use less plastic!"


What Makes The Green Garmento Green?

  • Did you know every year over 300 million pounds of single-use plastic dry cleaning bags are dumped into our landfills? And that's just in the United States.
  • At least 15 countries around the world have either banned or taxed single-use plastic bags, including parts of the U.S.
  • Plastic bags are rarely recycled, they don't completely break down in landfills, they kill marine and wildlife and can cause choking accidents and sometimes death in infants and toddlers. If left on dry cleaned clothes, the plastic bags don't "breathe" which can cause the chemicals to stay in your clothing which then leach into your skin.
  • The Green Garmento is made from a recyclable, breathable, water-resistant material, making it an eco-friendly, stylish, practical and affordable alternative to single-use plastic garment bags.
  • By switching to The Green Garmento, you will help to drastically reduce the negative impact of single-use plastic bags – that's pretty GREEN.

For wholesale prices and additional information, please email us at or call 323.512.2600.

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