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What Dry Cleaners Are Saying About The Green Garmento


“I finally found an item that you can't live without… Imagine selling your customer a product and having them THANK YOU.  In my 30 years in Dry Cleaning I have never seen a product give our industry such good PR."

– David Meyer, Elite Cleaners, AZ 


By offering The Green Garmento™ to my customers, it has established me as the go to "green cleaner" in my area.  In the first year, The Garmento™ has saved [my business] over 23,000 bags, 875 lbs.  A large savings to me in costs and a win for our environment.  The Green Garmento™ is well made, durable, wrinkle resistant and the owners are great to work with."

 Seth Friedman, Rye Ridge Cleaners, NY


“I just opened a new store and there is no doubt in my mind that The Green Garmento™ has actually has helped me drive people in…I personally feel good about getting people in the green bag exchange program everyday; saving money on poly is just a side effect of doing the right thing.”

 AJ Jamal, Royal King Cleaners, NY


“I sold out of 1,000 Green Garmento bags in three weeks.”

 Gary Futterman, Flair Cleaners, CA


“We are a plastic-less operation…all of our customers leave the store carrying one of these amazing Green Garmento bags! Reducing the amount of plastic is amazing. Our customers LOVE this idea, they feel proud to be using our cleaner and The Green Garmento.

The bags are walking advertisements for our store! We love seeing people walking down the street carrying their Green bags!! Thanks Green Garmento! Denver loves you :)"

 Sheena Mclean, The Green Shirt, CO


"In less than a year, I’ve decreased my plastic consumption by 69,020 bags, or more than 35% with The Green Garmento."

 Jason Lafer, Linder's French Cleaners, NJ


"In search of a way to become a greener drycleaner, we found the Green Garmento bag. The Green Garmento helped us to move away from the traditional plastic bags to a reusable eco-friendly bag. The Green Garmento has helped us win the heart of our customers by taking a greener approach and eliminating the need to tear up plastic bags off clean clothes . At VIP Services, we are doing our part to decrease the number of plastic bags dumped into our landfills by offering our customers the Green Garmento bag free of charge. "

 Mohammad Chaharbaghi VIP Services, MD