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How to Make a Hanging Gift-Wrapping Station With The Green Garmento

How to Make a Hanging Gift-Wrapping Station With The Green Garmento

Holiday season is upon us and for many people that means a lot of gift wrapping.

Every year we pull out the bulky storage bin of wrapping supplies we have shoved in a corner of a closet or the garage because most of us don't have a dedicated room for gift wrapping like Christina Aguilera or a craft room like Martha Stewart to store these supplies in a place we can get to them easily. 

We buy more wrapping paper and bows and then this mass of wrapping supplies becomes a part of our lives the whole month of December. It never looks tidy and slowly drives us crazy because can we just have a clean home for 2 seconds?!

Sorry- i'm projecting.

If you are like me, you have limited space and budget. Thankfully The Green Garmento has figured out how to transform the Deluxe Pouch Green Garmento bag (as seen on Shark Tank) into a hanging gift-wrap station that can be easily stored in your closet year-round, and can be easily brought from room to room.

Watch the tutorial below to see how easy it is to make your own hanging gift wrap station with The Green Garmento!

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Written By:  Anni Lundy, Guest Blogger and Green Garmento Enthusiast

Linkedin: @Anni-Lundy
Anni Lundy


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