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Green Cleaner of the Week... Champion Cleaners


Champion Cleaners Edited


Lovin' the "Champion Hamper" laundry program rolling out today from our green cleaner, Champion Cleaners. Learn more about their new program below. Be sure to visit thier wesite for more information on thier services.  


“Wash Done For You”

We’ve offered a Wash, Dry & Fold service forever. Our price for small Wash Fold & Dry orders is $3.00 per lb. with an 8 lb. minimum.

We are introducing a new program to make it easier (and cheaper) for you use this service. We have a special “Champion Hamper” and we will wash, dry and fold everything you can stuff in the hamper for $25 (excluding comforters and bedspreads). Anything you wash at home, we can wash for you. This includes tee shirts, shorts, golf shirts, underwear, sheets, name it. If it can be washed and dried, put it in this special “hamper” and we will do the rest. The Champion Hamper can hold 25 lbs.

If an item in the Hamper is labeled as “dry clean only” or if it is the type of garment that should not be placed in a dryer, we will not wash and dry it. For example, a wool sweater may be washable but may shrink if placed in a dryer. There may be other items that we identify as needing special care or where we have concerns about washing an item, we will not wash and dry it as part of your WDF order.

But for the vast majority of your routine laundry, we can wash and dry it for you.

There is a $10.00 one-time charge for use of the “Champion Hamper” and only items coming to us in the “Champion Hamper” will get this special price.

After washing and drying your laundry, we will neatly fold, wrap your clothes and return your clean laundry and your “Champion Hamper” for your next load.

We will return your laundry with our usual “Same Day Service” (In by 10:00 - Out by 5:00) and we will also pickup and return your laundry if you use our pickup and delivery service.

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