Q: Plastic bags are see-through, if I change to The Green Garmento, how will I see my clothes?

A: The Green Garmento is the only reusable drycleaning bag with a long side zipper so you can easily see your garments before they leave the store.

Q: Does The Green Garmento protect as well as plastic?

A: Yes, The Green Garmento protects garments from water, dust and wrinkling, while allowing the garments to breathe. The built-in gussets on each side of the bag allows for plenty of room for each garment to hang gently while being protected from outside elements. 

Q: Does The Green Garmento have the same warnings as plastic?

A: There are federal warnings to consumers to remove plastic dry cleaning bags immediately from garments to protect them from harmful chemicals that get trapped in the plastic.

The Green Garmento is made from a breathable, non-woven polypropelyne, a recyclable material that does not trap harmful chemicals like plastic does.

Q: How will the drycleaner know which bag is mine?

A: The outside plastic ticket pocket will help you and your drycleaner easily identify your order.

Q: How many Green Garmentos should I use at once?

A: We suggest two bags per household so there is always one in "hamper" mode at home while the other is being used as a protective garment bag at your drycleaner. 

Q: Will my drycleaner accept this bag?

A: This is a good question! Since introducing The Green Garmento to the drycleaning industry last year, we have helped many drycleaners (and they have helped us) learn how to use the bags and implement them into thier systems. Most agree, the money they save by not using plastic bags and the good they do for the environment will be worth it.

Q: Is the Green Garmento washable?

A: Yes, the Green Garmento  washes very well in cold water. It dries very quickly, we suggest hang dry or cool dryer to prolong the life of the bag.

Q: Will you help us recycle?

A: Absolutely! We are happy to help you recycle your Green Garrmento's. We'll even give you a discount toward your next order! Just call our toll free number: 866.681.6659 or email us to schedule a pick up.