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Welcome! Now, come closer, we want to tell you a secret...

Grocers and retailers have done the cost/benefit analysis of using reusable bags. And that’s why they stay out of the debates about prohibiting single use plastic.

After all, as the folks who provide us with all our food and dry goods, they could create a lobby easily strong enough to fight such a change. They stay silent because they realize reusable bags eliminates their need to purchase single-use bags. Even better, by selling their reusable bags they are able to turn their packaging from a major cost into a profit center.

Now, environmental groups and concerned consumers celbrate the victories while grocers and retailers enjoy a better bottom line.

We decided to turn the idea of reusable packaging into a business after realizing that everyone wins: drycleaning customers love the user-friendly organizational advantages of our products; drycleaners get one commodity that replaces four commodities (the twist-ties, poly bags, garment covers and express bags); and we all benefit by reducing the amount of waste entering our environment.

Our user-friendly features – having a breathable and water resistant material, the full-length side zippers, handles, shoulder straps – all came from conversations with drycleaners.  The breathability helps protect your product better against heat and humidity; the water-resistance protects them against all other weather.



Of course we provide wholesale pricing, please call us at 323.512.2600 for more information.

Your success is our success and we work hard to support your purchase. We help you publicize your new green initiative; we provide artwork, posters, counter cards and a personalized flyer to launch your new reusable bag program.

One drycleaner we met put it so simply, so well: “I used to go through a roll of poly a year for every one of my good customers, the folks who’d give me 10+ pieces a week. That’s five rolls of poly; $175 I’m not spending because I give them two reusable drycleaning garment bags.” And that’s just one customer. Every drycleaner reading this has dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of regular customers. It’s also 150 pounds of waste per customer that never gets into the environment. Like we said, everyone wins.

Why waste money on waste? Switch to The Green Garmento today!



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