Note from Rick Siegel, Co-founder, CEO & Bottle Washer 

My life was organizationally challenged. I’d be late for work and couldn’t find a shirt, that I was sure was either burried in my pastic-filled closet or, even worse, it never made it to the cleaner because I’d dropped it in thier parking lot.

Finally! I found said shirt, hanging inside a plastic bag three times its size. Now I  have to fight with the twist-tie, shoulder cover and the plastic just to get it off the hanger. Then there's the waste: Plastic bag, check, twist-tie, check, shoulder cover, check. All for one shirt that I'm going to wear once and bring back to the cleaner to loose or not loose, to wrestle with its temporaty packaging which inevitably litters my floor until I put all those things into a garbage can designated just for my closet.

As my wife would say, "That's just crazy talk."

And then I started using THE GREEN GARMENTO™. No more worrying about lost clothes, fights with inanimate objects or closets looking like landfills. The sun got sunnier, my teeth got whiter, the other kids in class started liking me more.

Okay, some of that is an exaggeration, but not by much. Sure, you can feel good about THE GREEN GARMENTO™ being environmentally friendly, but it’s also about finally having a place to put your dirty clothes and protecting your clean ones with less hassle.
The drycleaner wins too, needing to buy less single-use plastic and all the other stuff that a reusable bag replaces.

One suggestion though, for anyone who drycleans on a regular basis: get at least two. That way you’ll always be able to drop off your clothes with in the "duffel" bag while picking up your clean clothes in "garment" mode.

Thank you for reading my story. I hope you enjoy our site, our product and our mission.

Reusefully yours, Rick




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