The Green School

In Bali, Indonesia, one man has made it his life's work to create a green school to give children "a holistic education", emphasizing the environment and living sustainably. John Hardy is a retired businessman who, after watching Al Gore's "An Inconvienient Truth" decided to close up shop on his jewelry business and instead start the Green School.

The Green School was built using mostly bamboo and aims to decrease their carbon footprint even more by growing organic vegetables and using livestock waste to make biogas for cooking. Hardy has even built a Green Village only 900 meters away from the school to allow the children and their families to avoid a commute.

The Green School is an international school and are expecting to have 300 students enroll for the next year, a 200 person increase from when it opened in 2008.

For more information, visit The Green School's webiste at

The Green Garmento salutes you! Keep up the great work!




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