When most of us go home during the holidays, we return to traditional-type houses built with the standard ‘wood and stucco’ and the occasional brick or rock accent. 

For some eco-conscious homeowners, home is a built using upcycled objects. Check out the photos below.


These homes use large shipping containers to create livable spaces. 

The results are modern looking homes that helped to conserve building materials! 

This unique space, located at the Costa Verde resort in Costa Rica, took a retired aircraft and used it to create a two-bedroom suite. This plane is propped up in the air, allowing guests to feel as if they are sleeping in the sky. 

No matter where home is for you, The Green Garmento wishes you a happy holiday season. 

Source: http://webecoist.momtastic.com/2010/03/29/10-surprising-reclaimed-recycled-building-materials/