Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Recoup Revenue

Reusable dry cleaning bag innovator The Green Garmento™ introduces two new products to help the environment AND dry cleaning industry’s bottom line

Two and a half years ago The Green Garmento™ entered the market as the first non-woven polypropylene all-in-one reusable dry cleaning garment bag, with proprietary, user-friendly features like handles, a shoulder strap and a side zipper.

Today, with over 120,000 bags in distribution, The Green Garmento™ takes two steps forward to help dry cleaners “green” their operations and boost their bottom line. First is “The Box-Bag”, a reusable tote created as a hanger caddy and alternative to single-use cardboard shirt boxes. The stylish, breathable and water resistant bags share the same dimensions as a conventional “shirt box” allowing a full load of laundered shirts to be easily transported without single-use plastic and cumbersome cardboard. The added tote strap and handles, ticket pocket and snap closure allow for easy transport while the attractive design creates the perfect branded bag with room for logos and messaging.

And for the ultimate hanger caddy or weekend bag, the company introduces its Deluxe Pouch Bag, a signature 4-in-1 Green Garmento VIP-Delivery-Duffel-Garment bag with a roomy outer pouch perfect for recycling hangers, or for personals when the bag is being used for weekend excursions, business trips or the fitness club. 

“Most dry cleaners sell or take a deposit on The Green Garmento, and now they can do the same with these great new reusable bags, and continue to save money on single-use packaging and hangers – it’s the perfect marketing tool, great for the environment and definitely a growing industry trend,” says The Green Garmento co-founder Jennie Nigrosh.

About The Green Garmento™ 

A growing staple with consumers, drycleaners and hoteliers across the US and world, The Green Garmento is single-handedly creating the reusable drycleaning bag category.  The Green Garmento offsets the carbon emissions of all direct-to- consumer shipments with Green-e Climate Renewable Energy.  All proceeds from the program are used to build new renewable energy resources in the US.

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