Last Friday we set up shop at Flair Cleaners in Burbank for what would prove to be our second successful food truck event. This time around we were joined by food truck legends, Grill 'Em All, to serve our guests delicious and creative gut-busting hamburgers. For dessert, Coolhaus rolled out with their unique truck to serve gourmet cookie ice cream sandwiches.

For our patrons, lunch was full of many options. For example, you could chase your Behemoth burger (2 grilled cheese sandwiches instead of buns) with delicious vegan peanut butter ice creams sandwiched between two delectable red velvet cookies. With so many options available from both trucks, lunch was absolutely your call. Even the Naked Drycleaner was there to get his grub on!

After braving the lines of these mega-trucks, folks took their receipt into Flair and were greeted with awesome gift-bags, complete with just about the nicest stainless steel water bottles you've ever seen (people really raved about these)! If you came with laundry, you were also able to get two items dry cleaned by Flair ON THE HOUSE! This especially came in handy if you had any mishaps with your burger or ice cream sandwich. Hundreds of people came out to hang out with us for lunch, many walking away with new Green Garmentos, Flair's spectacular grab bags, and most importantly: a satisfied hunger. In fact, our second food truck event was such a smash hit that we are already in talks to bring our event to Santa Monica and even venture out to Orange County!

A big thanks are due to Grill 'Em All, Coolhaus, Flair, and most imporantly YOU for coming out and making our second event such a blast. Here's to many more!

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