The Green Garmento is excited to announce that we are now a part of One More Generation’s Plastic Awareness Coalition. 

The Plastic Awareness Coalition is a group of organizations headed by One More Generation that aims to raise awareness about the dangers plastic poses to wildlife and the environment. One More Generation also created a plastic awareness curriculum for schools co as a way to help educate young people about the problems with plastic. 

One More Generation (OMG) is a nonprofit organization founded by a brother and sister team who are passionate about animals and the preservation of our planet.

Did we mention that they are only 10 and 11?

Carter and Olivia, the OMG founders knew they wanted to help preserve endangered species from an early age. The siblings adopted cheetahs in Africa for years before deciding to start their own conservation charity.

We are very excited to be working with OMG in their efforts to help keep our planet a beautiful place. For more information about OMG and The Plastic Awareness Coalition, visit the OMG website: You can also follow OMG on Twitter @1MoreGeneration and “Like” their Page on Facebook.