November, the month when leaves change colors, cold weather arrives, families come together and men grow facial hair.

Yep, you read that correctly. It is time for No Shave November.  

No Shave November is the month during which men, and sometimes women, opt not to shave. Movember, No Shave Novembers ‘cousin’ encourages men to grow mustaches to benefit men’s health charities. 

If you are choose to participate in Movember or No Shave November, you will do more that help a charity or grow an awesome beard. You will be help the environment too. 

According to, disposable razors are among the top discarded items. 2 billion disposable razors are thrown away each year in the United States and there is less room in landfills each year. By not shaving for one month every year, you can significantly reduce your impact on your local landfill.

Shaving also requires the use of a lot of water. Every shaving session uses almost 5 gallons of water. That means by simply not shaving every other day, you can conserve almost 75 gallons of water. 

This November, consider embracing your inner lumberjack and forgoing the razor. Not only will you look cool, but you will be helping reduce waste and conserve water as well.