Jodi here for The Green Garmento Hi ya’ll! (Too much Texas? I’ll try to rein it in.) So here’s my story. I was born and raised in the great state of Texas, graduated from The University of Texas at Austin (Hook em’ Horns!) in May 2008, and promptly moved out west to Hollywood! I fell in love with the beach and proceeded to have one awesome summer. Then, this little Texas girl took on a big ole’ fashion show national tour- it was crazy! All my time in beautiful Cali got me thinkin’ green, and when the opportunity came up to handle the social networking for The Green Garmento I was instantly on board. I moved back home because I wanted to be near my family. I am so lucky because I get to rock out the Green Garmento all the way from Texas. I’m super stoked about the Blogmento- I love to write and I am excited to keep learning about what I can do to go green! Here’s where I call in reinforcements – what can YOU tell me about going green? Why is it important to you? What changes have you made in your life? Got any good tips for me? As for Kermit, I would never want to rumble with Ms. Piggy. Reminding you to Be Fantastic…Use Less Plastic! ~Jodi