It can be really hard to know what you can put in the recycling bin at the front curb every week. There are so many types of materials used in everyday waste that it can confuse even the savviest recycling maniac. We put together this handy little guide to help you out!


There are plenty of things that are recyclable now, not just your paper/cardboard and aluminum cans! It depends on the city that you live in, but most cities will recycle the following list of items (check with you local authorities if you have any questions).

Most plastic bottles and containers, such as shampoo, detergent, bleach, milk, soda, water and asprin containers can be recycled as well as glass bottles/gars and even microwave food trays!



Paper board

Cardboard, corrugated boxes

Cardboard cereal & cracker boxes, etc.

6-pack cartons

Paper grocery bags


Glossy paper

Junk mail

Stationery & envelopes

Any high grade/uncoated paper

Binder/notebook paper, any color

Telephone books

Aluminum cans, foil, trays

Tin cans & bi-metal cans

Glass bottles, jars (empty & rinsed)

Any color glass bottles or jars

All plastic food containers #1 & #2

Plastic bottles and containers (shampoo, detergent, bleach, milk, soda, water and aspirin containers, etc.)

Microwave food trays

Frozen food boil-in-bag pouches


And because we have a list of things that it is okay to recycle, here’s a list of things it’s not okay to recycle.


Aerosol cans


Ceramic pottery, cups, dishes

Windowpane glass or mirror

Plastic wrap

All wax laminated cartons/containers (e.g., milk & juice cartons, & soy milk boxes)

Plastic motor oil bottles

Plastic or wax coated paper and cartons

Frozen food boxes

Microwave food boxes

Wax cereal/cracker box liners


Gummed or glued bindings

Paper towels, napkins, tissue paper

Paper plates, soiled paper

Adhesive backed or sticky notes

Carbon paper, thermal fax paper

Aluminum foil boxes

Fast food wrappers

Pet food bags

Scrap metal

Light bulbs


Soiled clothing

Drinking glasses

Food waste

Disposable diapers


For even more things that you can recycle, check out these helpful sites and send us your own ideas for recycling and staying green!


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