Drycleaners Phase Out Plastic and Improve Profits With The Green Garmento Reusable Drycleaning Bag Created to eliminate single-use plastic from drycleaning in the same way smaller totes do for groceries, The Green Garmento is having a second surprisingly positive impact: improving drycleaners' revenue. As a result, just six months from its introduction, the product is fast becoming a must-have for America's drycleaners. Green Apple Cleaners, New York City's acknowledged leader in eco-drycleaning, recently purchased 1,000 personalized Garmentos. As Green Apple president Chris Skelley explains, "These bags work for everyone. The hamper and duffel bag features are great for our customers, the side zipper makes it easy for our staff and the logo gives us an advertising presence. This is consistent with all of our other environmental initiatives, any economic gain is a welcome bonus." According to Victor Seyedin, owner of Lake City Cleaners, Chicago's pre-eminent green drycleaner, "In 2008 I spent over $35,000 protecting my clients' clothes. And each year these costs have increased. For $15,000, I can replace my single use bags, garment covers and route bags with Green Garmentos, then next year invest only $5,000 in replacement bags and for new customers." While the potential to save up to 40% in the first year and 80% every year thereafter is attractive, the program only works because of consumer enthusiasm. Bobby Sperling of Brentwood Royal Cleaners in Brentwood, California says, "Our customers love them. The Green Garmento complements our determination to be 'green' and having a stylish alternative gives us a major competitive advantage." Husband and wife team Rick Siegel and Jennie Nigrosh, The Green Garmento's creators, believe this is the beginning of a sea change. Siegel thinks reusable bags "will become the standard for transporting clothes. Currently, all legislation created to tax or prohibit single use plastic exempts drycleaning bags. As people learn there's a reusable alternative, that exception may disappear." The positive impact is undeniable: every drycleaner that transitions to The Green Garmento eliminates five to ten thousand pounds of plastic otherwise headed for our landfills. And this change is not just domestic, but global: Nigrosh reports distributor inquiries from around the world. "Already we have a distributor in Singapore and are speaking with potential distributors in Australia, Mexico, Uruguay, throughout Europe and even Botswana. We have a simple goal: to have a sustainable business that helps make a more sustainable world."