The Green Garmento Box Bag Reusable Tote recently took a cruise aboard the Norwegian Jewel. While we are thankful for El Nino because of our drought, we were thrilled to have some sun for our vacation in the Mexican Riviera. Once aboard this floating hotel, our tote-mento headed deck side for a Fiesta filled with margaritas, music and, of course, dancing. 


First stop, Cabo San Lucas. The warm rays welcomed our tote-mento ashore for a day of exploring local culture, shopping and Mexican cuisine. Downtown Cabo San Lucas was peaceful, slow paced and a definite change from life in Los Angeles. Strolling down the cobblestone streets, the tote-mento came in handy to carry the many souvenirs and tasty treats along the way. 


Second stop, Mazatlan. This quaint seaside town was full of colorful houses perched on the mountainside. The tote-mento was sure to take in all the sites strolling down the rocky beach to see the cliff divers skillfully dive from 15 foot high cliffs into the blue ocean waves only 7 feet deep. Mazatlan is more of an urban city with a faster pace vibe. The tote-mento hit all the shopping spots while in town and carried all the treasures back safely aboard the ship. 


Last stop, Puerta Vallarta. This city was the most like an American town. Featuring American stores like Walmart, Sam’s Club and Costco. The busy traffic filling the streets reminded me of driving the 405 at rush hour. The tote-mento journeyed to a Hacienda for their Mexican Fiesta and Tequila tasting. With beautiful dancers and mouth watering food, this adventure was the perfect way to spend a day in Puerto Vallarta. 

The cruise concluded with two days at sea filled with amazing entertainment, all you can eat mouth watering food and breezes from the ocean air. The tote-mento was so helpful in each port saving 52 plastic bags from being used during the trip as we declined plastic bags in each shop opting to place our purchases in the reusable box bag instead. As always we over purchased, so tote-mento allowed us another bag to bring all our Mexican treasures off the boat and safely to those waiting our return.