Mom Mammoth

One of the reasons I moved from Boston to Los Angeles was for the mere five hour trek to one of the best mountains in the world. Since the age of two, I learned to ski on the slippery slopes of New Hampshire and later lived as a proud ski bum in stunning Vail Colorado. And now, when the snow falls in the Sierras, I channel my inner ski bum and head to  Mammoth Mountain

Such was the case last week after four feet of feathery goodness fell on my beloved Mammoth. Thankfully, I have a very understanding staff who allowed me to take a few days off and head north with my 82 year old mom (who can shred a mountain like nobody’s business) and our friend Danny, who has four snowboarding lessons under his belt and is now eligible for a free Cali4nia Ski pass

Jennie & Mom Mammoth

Since my eco-chariot is a Ford Fusion Plug-in, we didn’t have much trunk space between the three of us so we packed all of our stuff in, can you dig it…Green Garmento Box Bags and Gargantotoes. These awesome bags helped us stay organized and color coded so the skier’s gear never had to touch the rival boarding garb! 

Mammoth Wet Room

Our sturdy bags proved to be the perfect travel companion for boots, hats, laundry, helmets and the occasional colossal rotisserie chicken, cookies & Rocky Mountain Chocolate (Fact: Apres ski food doesn’t have calories). 
The only thing we couldn’t bring home in Garmento bags was some fresh snow. But that’s ok, I have a feeling we’ll be going back very, very soon…