Every year, junior ski jump hopefuls flock to Salisbury, CT.  to watch their dreams take flight at the Jr. Ski Jump National Championships. 


A Salisbury tradition for 90 years, this all-volunteer organization has fostered the exhilarating sport of ski jumping among all ages and generations. And now this year, their tradition includes awesome red Garmento bags for all of the athletes and judges to enjoy. 

SWSA Edited 1

Finally, Green looks good on the slopes…At least these young ski jump hopefuls thought so as they were given their Junior National team Green Garmento bags. Their smiles were as bright as the sun off the snow covered hills. As they embark on this year’s event, they dream of flying and for today, their spirits sure did.

Eddie eagle edited

The day’s excitement elevated with a surprise visit from Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards. This Olympic legend returned to where he jumped in 1997 when these young ski jumpers weren’t even a twinkle in their parent’s eye.  Inspiration, laughter and even a group “eagle” flapping will be something these youngsters will never forget.

Visit SWSA at http://www.jumpfest.org/