With schools going back into session soon (if it hasn’t already happened), you’re probably wondering how to stay as green as possible while still buying the supplies that you’ll need to get you, or your kids through the school year. Here’s a compilation of helpful tips to staying green while buying school supplies!




Top Green Back to School Tips


10 great tips on how to save money and stay green!


4 Things Parents Can Do to Stop School Bus Pollution


Great article on air quality inside school buses and their emissions.


How to Pack a Zero Waste Lunch


Packing your lunch for work or school can be tons better for the planet because you have more control over what you eat. In addition, you don't have to throw away all the packaging that often accompanies carry out food.


How To Go Green: Dorm Rooms


10 tips on dorm living without so much trash.


National Geographics’s Green Tips: Back to School


Great tips for kids including riding your bike, buying recycled paper and making your own bookmarks.



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