April 28, 2011 (McMinnville, OR) – Already transitioned into an environmentally friendly cleaning process with GreenEarth Cleaning solvents, Alpine Cleaners is expanding their earth-friendly practices by setting their sights on phasing out single-use drycleaning plastic.

Now, McMinnville’s forward-thinking drycleaner is offering the multi-use, breathable and water resistant Green Garmento. For Alpine’s customers The Green Garmento starts at home as a hamper bag for soiled clothes, transforms into a duffel bag to carry clothes to the drycleaner, and morphs into a hanging garment bag to protect cleaned clothes for the trip back home.

Using The Green Garmento and receiving your drycleaning ‘naked’ -- without the single-use plastic bags, shoulder covers and twist-ties -- is a simple and easy lifestyle change, not to mention helping cut down on the estimated 300,000,000 pounds of drycleaning plastic that ends up in US landfills and waterways, threatening marine and wildlife each year.

In just two short months and with over 200 Green Garmentos in circulation, Alpine Cleaners has already saved close to 1,500 single-use plastic garment covers and hopes to further reduce its footprint while offering customers an easy organizational solution.

“After making the move to GreenEarth Cleaning we were eager to take the next step. We got a sample Green Garmento and introduced it to our customers, and they really embraced this next move in greening the cleaning.  It’s been an easy and rewarding program to implement,” says co-owner Patti Jeanfaivre. The drycleaner is offering The Green Garmento at the discounted price of $6 per bag.

About Alpine Cleaners
Now in its 31sth year, Alpine remains a family business with its priority on quality and service. Sister and Brother team Patti Jeanfaivre and Allan Wright began running their parent’s business in 1990. 

About The Green Garmento™
The Green Garmento™, named one of the 100 Companies to Watch in 2010 by Entrepreneur Magazine, is single-handedly creating the reusable drycleaning bag category. A growing staple with consumers, drycleaners and hoteliers across the US and world, The Green Garmento offsets the carbon emissions of all US shipments with Green-e Climate Renewable Energy.  All proceeds from the program are used to build new renewable energy resources in The United States.