New reserch finds plastics are now threatening lakes as well as oceans. A new study completed at Lake Garda located in Northern Italy found levels of plastics simular to those in marine enviroments. According to this article from the BBC "The reserchers found signifigant concentraitions of plastic in sediment samples. On the north shore they found around 1,000 larger particles per square metre and 450 mirco-plastic particles in the same area."

What are micro-plastics? They are tiny fragments of plastic particles naked to the human eye. They have been found in the stomachs and digestive tracts of many fish speices but it is still unknown as to what effect they have on the food chain.

The article quoted Professor Christian Lafrosch of the University of Bayreuth "There is nothing particular about Lake Garda. We are testing Bavaria and it looks pretty much the same. It is, I think, a problem all over over Europe and maybe all over the world."

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