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The old-fashioned tumbleweeds that long exemplified empty, desolate places have been replaced by a new symbol of blight: urban tumbleweeds -- lightweight plastic bags that get snagged in trees and bushes, pile up in streets, clog drainage systems and endanger wildlife.

A growing number of world leaders consider the bags an environmental hazard and are taking action to eliminate them.

Seattle, Portland, Ore., and several California cities are among the latest cities to ban the bags, following more than two dozen others that paved the way since 2007.

Austin is poised to vote to become the biggest Texas city with a ban. Brownsville enacted the state's first last year.

"We got along without plastic bags for a very long time," Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell has said, adding that he realizes that many people like the bags and properly use them. "I can actually remember a time in my lifetime when we didn't have plastic bags at all.

"It can be done."

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