Imagine this. You are driving on your way home or perhaps on vacation on a desert highway. The sunset colors soak the wildlife with contrast and beauty. Your favorite music is playing on your ipod, providing the soundtrack to compliment this stunning scenery. A cool breeze brushes through your hair and your fingertips tap the steering wheel to the beat of the song . This is the  perfect drive...or is it? You take a closer look. Wait a minute...are all these bushes sponsored by supermarkets???

Palm Desert Councilman Bill Kroonen knows this scenario well. He asked the city staff to look into plastic bag bans elsewhere and to see if one could be enacted there in Palm Desert.

“I threw that idea out there, hoping it would catch on, and I'm delighted it has with the sustainability commission,” he said.  He said the idea came to him when he saw plastic bags caught in the brush and rocks of undeveloped desert in the northern part of the city, near Walmart. If the council decides to move forward with a ban, it will go back to the sustainability committee so it can hash out the details of the ordinance.

Cheers to you Bill! We hope Palm Desert will make the change and preserve itself!

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