Earlier this week Team Green Garmento had a little pow-wow and we came to the realization that our warehouse is looking a little bit like the land of the misfit bags.Nothing’s wrong with them really, they just aren’t quite up to snuff to sell to our customers. Some bags may have printing that’s a little wonky, draw strings that are a little too long, stitching that doesn’t match – ya know, that kind of stuff. Some would call them seconds, we prefer to call them interesting.

Anyway, we’d like to find a home for these lovely reusable dry cleaning bags that time forgot. And we need your help.

Please email us or leave a comment with your favorite charity or school or temple, or church or hospital or shelter that may need some 4-in-1 reusable bags. We’ll contact the organization and if it’s a fit and they can help us deliver or pick up the bags, they are theirs to keep, sell, giveaway, whatever they prefer!

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Thanks for caring and stay tuned for updates.