We all (hopefully) remember the great "Back To The Future" franchise. I remember staying up countless nights wearing blue jeans, a puffy vest, flannel shirt, and ray bans while trying to get my skateboard to hover. And that was just last week! Now that Halloween is upon us, there is nothing I would rather do than play dress up "McFly" style and roll up to the party in my brand new electric Delorean! Because time travel doesn't need to leave a carbon footprint! The only downside is losing the flaming tire tracks. Although I shouldn't be going that fast in a residential area with all the trick or treating around...so I'm ok with it for now. I'll be satisfied knowing that my sweet DMC isn't harming the earth. In fact, it's changing it. And it's not changing it in a "let's get a sports almanac, travel back in time, and bet on the winning teams to become filthy rich!" kind of way. No this way is much cooler because without our planet, time and money wouldn't matter. Now if I could only get  a big enough charger for my flux capacitor...hmmmm. Read the article HERE.