T-shirt Grocery Bag

Cleaning out closets and getting rid of unwearable clothing are popular New Year’s resolutions. There are many ways to recycle the items you no longer want. Charity donation centers and thrift stores are always options, but why not try some simple DIY projects? 


 5 DIY Projects For An Old T-shirt

1. Reusable Grocery BagDeliacreates offers a simple-sew tutorial that will transform any T-shirt into the perfect shopping bag. 

2.  Super Chic No-Sew Vest. Visit Wobisobi to see how  to create a fun, ruffled vest from a T-shirt  without any sewing. 

3. T-shirt Yarn. Follow Releve Design's how-to guide and end up with a continuous string that can be crocheted or used for other crafty projects.

 4. Placemats: Use T-shirt Yarn to weave fun placemats that are fun and functional! This project is great to do with kids too! Directions can be found on Creative Jewish Mom.


 5.  Fashionable T-shirt Necklace. Using strips of fabric, you can transform an old T into a beautiful fashion statement. For a detailed how to, try Whole Living's website


All of these projects are quite simple and help bring life back to that sad gray T-shirt that is probably stuffed at the back of your closet. Let us know how you recycle old clothing! 


Photo: http://deliacreates.blogspot.com/2011/05/greeneasy-knit-produce-bag.html