School children in Columbia have taken part in a program run by the Wildlife Conservation Network called Proyecto Tití, in which they are helping to clean the environment of Cotton-Top Tamarins by picking up paper and plastic trash. The children have thus far collected over 30 million plastic bags!

From the Proyecto Tití website:

“About the size of a squirrel, the cotton-top tamarin is a New World primate that is noted for its shock of white hair. The large shock of white fur on its head gives the cotton-top tamarin its most appropriate name. The face of the cotton-top tamarin is black, temples and sides of head are covered with short adpressed silvery hairs. The face is adorned with grayish or whitish supraorbital band, with a grayish fringe across the muzzle to each corner of the mouth.”

Proyecto Tití has realized that along with helping to save the environment, they were able to help the impoverished people living in the area by donating the plastic bags found to be made into sellable merchandise. The bags are woven into purses, or eco-mochilas, by local women and made available for purchase.

"To make conservation economically feasible for many local communities, we have developed some innovative strategies to empower local people to get involved and benefit from conservation activities," the group notes.

The Green Garmento salutes all of the people involved in this great effort to save the environment, the endangered Tamarins and to help the people living there! Thanks for protecting our environment and helping to stay fantastic and use less plastic! To donate to the program, visit their website, and don’t forget to use your Green Garmento to save plastic bags here at home!


Proyecto Tití

Wildlife Conservation Network

[VIA Treehugger]