We use our cellphones for everything here at Green Garmento – we check emails, listen to music and look up the nearest coffee shops. All the time we spend on our phones can easily run down the battery and until now, plugging into electrical outlets provided the only way to recharge. 

Three slightly wacky inventions make it possible to recharge a phone’s battery without ever using traditional electricity. 


Charge your iPhone by rocking out – literally. This rocking chair uses the rocking movement to generate a charge for your iPhone or other apple device. 



Don’t have a way to charge your phone while camping? Problem solved by the BioLite, which transforms heat from a small fire into electricity. 

YOGen Charger


To use this charger, simple tug on the yo-yo-like cord and watch your battery life increase. 

Conserving electricity is an important part of any green lifestyle, how do you reduce your electricity consumption?